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Managing Negotiations – Staying Above the Line

Participants learn how the Framework for Negotiation relates to their customer situations. They learn to listen for the personal need behind the demand or request. They learn to acknowledge the customer demand/request, clarify to test their understanding, and to identify the need behind the …

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Managing Negotiations – Working Below the Line

Participants learn to manage concessions and non-concessions, the importance of providing strong rationales for their decisions, and responding with appropriate counter-demands. They learn to do all of this in ways that preserve – and can elevate – the level of relationship. Participants learn to …

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Managing Tactics and Utilizing Counteractions

Participants learn to recognize and neutralize negotiation tactics. They gain an understanding of how tactics can be prevented through the development of power prior to negotiation.  And they learn to use specific counter‐tactics which can neutralize a tactic in a way that strengthens and …

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Preparing Targeted Solution Presentations

Participants learn to deliver compelling presentations of their proposed solutions. They learn to explore differences in messages targeted for different levels (executive, departmental, project/user) in a client organization. They learn to link goals/problems/needs to specific solution features/functions by creating powerful and relevant benefit statements. …

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Getting the Meeting: Connecting in a Challenging Environment

Even the most confident sales professionals can experience anxiety and frustration when prospecting for new business – especially cold calling. And this new, almost entirely virtual business environment requires that the sales professional now approach their prospects with even more skill, insight and conviction …

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Preparing and Delivering Compelling Presentations (Delivery Techniques)

Participants learn techniques and strategies for preparing well-organized, targeted presentations. They learn the importance of setting objectives for their presentations – objectives that are measurable, valuable, and achievable. They also learn to ensure that what they present is clearly tied to specific client goals …

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