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Influencing the Decision Process in a Virtual Selling Environment

Participants learn the importance of understanding the customer’s decision process and knowing where the customer is in the process. They learn to influence customer perception, attitude, and behavior throughout their interactions with customers. They learn to create perception strategies that drive customer attitude and …

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Building and Strengthening Strategic Customer Relationships

Participants learn the four components that are essential for building strong, lasting relationships. Participants learn how to identify a customer’s positional and personal needs, and how to leverage this insight to help solidify relationships. And they learn to take a disciplined and strategic approach …

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Building Power for Competitive Advantage

Participants learn what the seven sources of power are and why they are necessary for successful negotiations. Emphasis is placed on building core power within an account: the power of insight, the power of legitimacy, the power of relationship, and the power of need/solution.

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Elevating Levels of Relationship

Participants learn the three levels of relationships and negotiation, emphasizing typical customer driving perceptions at each level. They learn that each level is driven by the customer’s perception of needs, motivation, trust, and their approach to power. They learn to elevate relationships from the …

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Preparing and Opening Meetings that Advance the Sales Process

Participants learn to prepare for meetings by researching accounts and setting objectives that are valuable, measurable, and achievable. They also learn to prepare strategies that enable them to achieve their objectives for the meeting and the opportunity. Participants learn a validated six-step process for …

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Leveraging The Consultative Approach® to Develop True Insight

Participants learn to use The Consultative Approach® to get beyond the obvious when diagnosing customer goals, problems, and needs. They learn that the power of the Consultative Approach comes from the sales professional having the insight needed to recommend approaches and solutions that connect …

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Responding to Resistance (Objections)

Participants learn that responding to resistance (or objections) quickly and appropriately helps to more quickly advance the decision process and move toward the close of the sale. They learn to identify the three specific types of resistance: misperceptions, skepticism, and concerns. And they learn the …

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Recommending and Closing the Sale

Participants learn to recommend approaches for direction and for solutions that clearly tie the features, functions, and benefits of their products/services to identified customer goals and problems. They learn to present their products and services in the most succinct manner possible, always keeping the …

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Delivering Your Value-based Story

Participants learn to craft and deliver a customized Value-based Story to influence the customer’s or prospect’s decision process. They learn that Value-based Stories are most effective when the team member has gained significant insight into the account and can make the connections between customer …

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