Leveraging The Consultative Approach® to Develop True Insight

Participants learn to use The Consultative Approach® to get beyond the obvious when diagnosing customer goals, problems, and needs. They learn that the power of the Consultative Approach comes from the sales professional having the insight needed to recommend approaches and solutions that connect to each individual’s personal and positional needs.

Participants learn to gain the insight they need through effective probing and listening techniques. They learn specific skills for guiding a customer dialogue – even a difficult dialogue – to help a customer justify the decision to work with them. They learn that these skills are especially critical in virtual meetings because they are the verbal means for communicating listening and that what the customer is saying is important. Because these skills serve to meet the personal needs of a customer or prospect, participants learn powerful ways to continue strengthening the customer relationship, even without the benefit of a face-to-face meeting.

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