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We are obsessed with teaching people how to build strong, effective, and value-creating relationships. Since 1976, we have partnered with thousands of sales, service, and support teams to align and advance their ability to partner with their customers.

Our forty years of ongoing research and success continue to confirm that the leading indicator of the health of any organization is the strength of their customer and client relationships. The results achieved from those relationships are what ensure ongoing, profitable revenue.

As a thought-leader in performance development, we shifted the focus from “business-to-business” relationships to “business-WITH-business”™ relationships. We pioneered The Consultative Approach© to sales as well as the collaborative approach to negotiation, in addition to revolutionizing the role that service professionals play in the development of client and customer relationships.

We continue to stay on the leading edge of the science behind creating human connections, measurable trust and respect, and mutual value – as well as the neuroscience behind the most effective approaches to adult learning and influencing behavior.

With that, we continue to work with the world’s leading organizations – across over 80 countries – to identify beyond the obvious needs and implement targeted solutions in every area of business growth – from account planning, to consultative selling, problem solving, presentation skills, negotiation, leadership and beyond.

As the world of business adapts to the profound changes in our environment, we have identified the things that are constant and unchanging. Whether you’re operating remotely, or one-on-one, or in a room full of people, the principles stay the same. The need to connect, to have an effect, to be trusted, and to co-create value will always be necessary. It is harder today, for sure. It also speaks louder when it does happen. Business professionals must be more creative, more empathic, more prepared, and more skillful. Our validated and proven methodology is the bridge between yesterday and every conceivable version of tomorrow.

Our History


Early Years


Continued Growth


New Leadership

Acclivus R3 Solutions was founded in 1976 by Randall K. Murphy. “Acclivus” is derived from a Latin word that means “inclined upward”, symbolizing the company’s commitment to work in partnership with its clients to achieve continuous performance improvement.

For over forty years, Acclivus has developed the most intensively researched curriculum of integrated programs to improve (1) consultative sales communication, (2) collaborative negotiation, (3) strategic presentations, (4) coaching and leadership, (5) prospecting (Gaining the Initial Appointment), (6) territory planning and management, and (7) major account planning and strategy.

In 1997, Acclivus conducted a major research study that resulted in the development of R3 Service, a comprehensive training program for service representatives that has revolutionized the role that service plays in business-with-business relationships.

Considered the most highly validated curriculum in the world, Acclivus programs are principles-based, which means that every single method, model, skill, and approach is rooted in the fundamental truths of human behavior and relationships. Drawing from extensive research in psychology, neuroscience, communication, and behavioral science, Acclivus marries the universal truths of human behavior and relationships with continuous, ongoing research into the cause and effect of the most successful sales, support, and service professionals on their best days.

As the organization that coined “Consultative Sales”, Acclivus’ has leveraged its own methodology to build and maintain robust client relationships with leading national and global companies in every field, including technology, consulting services, telecommunications, energy, medical devices, security, financial services, heavy equipment, process control, and consumer products.

Effective September of 2017, Caroline Hillhouse Murphy was named president of Acclivus. Honored to continue her father’s legacy, she is dedicated to the Acclivus R3 mission statement -to work with leading organizations worldwide to create strong Relationships, optimal Results, and profitable Revenue. Further, she is committed to ensuring that these skills, methods, and approaches, which have consistently yielded such dramatic bottom-line results with organizations all over the world, reach every individual and team across the planet – that together we may co-create a more collaborative world.

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Global Reach

Acclivus programs are built on a foundation of principles – universal truths that resonate with people across the globe, regardless of language, culture, or working environment (i.e., working virtually or in the field). The principles set the stage for learning, helping participants to embrace critical skills, techniques, and approaches. This allows your organization to have a common operating language and approach to the customer no matter where your team members are located.

We work in language and in culture in over 80 countries around the world. Our solutions have been translated and adapted by professionals who capture the essence of the message, not just words, and they adapt the translated work to be in sync with the local cultural norms.

The Acclivus team of international instructors is made up of individuals whose understanding of the needs of sales, service, and/or support professionals comes from real-life experience. Team members are all experts in the Acclivus curriculum. They work in the local language and they make cultural adaptations within each session or consulting engagement.

Performance Development Partners

Independent consultants who work with clients around the world make up the Acclivus Performance Development Partner network. This rapidly growing network of consultants uses Acclivus‘ acclaimed collaborative approach in working with clients to achieve business results.

Our Performance Development Partners are located throughout North America as well as in Europe, South America, Australia, and the Pacific Rim. Performance Development Partners assess clients’ business goals and needs and then implement the Acclivus Performance Development System to meet those needs and measure business results.

Performance Development Partners work with client companies to assist them in building strong, lasting customer relationships, achieving aggressive objectives for profitable revenue, and ensuring optimal results from their product and service solutions.


While different positions at Acclivus require different skill sets, we look for the same characteristics in everyone who works with us.
Acclivus employees are: collaborative, professional, focused, energetic, consultative, reliable, ethical, able to inspire and enable

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