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Why do a skills assessment if the skill competencies have already been identified?

The diagnostic side of selling is definitely part of the assessment phase of AIM. Assessment carries the diagnosis further, though, and involves members of the client organization who may not be part of the initial decision process. Assessment elicits a comprehensive team view with a focus on the very people who will be the subject of a training initiative. Assessment also calls for accountability to the initiative as we ask them to participate in the survey.

VitalSigns is a front-end web-based assessment tool allows you to answer these questions: Where are we now? Which skills are mission-critical? Is everyone on the same page? VitalSigns moves the spotlight away from an individual and toward something more objective and observable—customer behavior. VitalSigns is scenario-based, providing a familiar customer situation, rather than vague, stand-alone questions.

PulseCheck: When implemented 60 to 90 days after an Acclivus session, this web-based measurement tool enables you to provide: accountability for implementing new skills and approaches; feedback for coaching and reinforcement; and results measured in terms of relationships, results, and revenue.

Assuming the question relates to sales effectiveness (and not across the board skills development), then Acclivus is the resource of choice because we know – from our extensive research and experience – which skills are necessary and what conditions must be in place to enable sales professionals to achieve their potential. That’s a great advantage over a third party analysis. We understand that this can appear to be self-serving – if we do the assessment, we’ll find those things that our solutions can address. However, if there are gaps in the abilities of the sales team, then we believe we have the best solutions for addressing those gaps. We are looking for evidence that sales, service and support professionals are using the core principles that we know to be universally true and applicable across all lines of business. By doing the analysis, we can better prescribe the best solution for any given situation. All the same, we do sometimes uncover needs that do not fall within our area of expertise. We readily admit that we can’t do everything. In those cases, we recommend that clients seek other avenues for meeting those particular needs.

Acclivus has a team dedicated to the assessment process. The team consists of individuals who are specially trained in our AIM services, and who have the relevant background to make them proficient in measuring results. In addition, we include the Senior Partner or the Performance Consultant in the assessment process because this is the person with the most intimate knowledge and understanding of the account. The assessment team compares actual performance with validated standards of performance to determine where there are deficiencies, and to make recommendations for ways to improve performance.

Assessment findings are completely confidential.

On the contrary, if our co-implemented solution is not working, we want to know so that we can work with clients to get back on track. If we were to obscure data in our measurement projects, we would jeopardize relationships with our clients, and fail to achieve the great results we know we can achieve. As well, we would fail in our R3 mission because we would not be helping our clients to achieve results and we would not be building on our relationship, which is the first R in our mission. It’s in our best interests to be up front and honest in our assessments.

We know clients are concerned with many things regarding the growth and development of their teams. Acclivus’ AIM Services team has developed a process for working with clients to implement all of the components of a successful measurement project. Aside from client insight into the customization of the measurement tool and their executive sponsorship, we can fully implement the measurement solution from beginning to end. It is important to note that the best initiatives begin and end with the client executive involvement. Though there is some amount of investment of time and people on the client’s side, the effect is optimal, combining the influence of client leadership with our expertise in measurement and reporting. For approximately $100 per individual, your organization can gather stories of success and, at while doing so, reinforce the value of the project that you care enough to measure.

We’re always happy to hear that our clients are measuring results. To ensure that they’re truly measuring R3, though, we like to have a discussion about their measurement process before beginning work with them. This way we can work with them to ensure that they are not measuring just revenue, but also relationships and results.

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