Program Spotlight: Virtual R3 Meetings

Virtual R3 Meetings is a program that helps ensure participants are prepared to lead and conduct effective meetings that achieve pre-definded objectives.

Targeted Audience:
Sales, support, and service professionals, leaders, and anyone in charge of leading or guiding a meeting.

The Learning Process:
We utilize all 4 adult learning styles to ensure that participants are able to engage with the learning in a way that is most natural for them. Participants learn the context of why the skill is important based on cause and effective relationships, they learn the skill models, and through roll play and review, they learn how to apply and what it could mean to their role and results if applied on the job. It is a fun, interactive, and engaging workshop!

Performance Objectives:

  • Prepare for meetings by identifying relevant objectives and strategies for achieving them
  • Open the meeting in a way that sets the tone, direction and focus
  • Involving participants by establishing their roles in the meeting, encouraging collaboration, and sharing responsibilities for action iteams
  • Close the meeting in a way that maximized the perception of value and creates a positive attitude about future meetings

“This is probably the most valuable and immediately actionable model for our organization. Our meetings are so much more well run that we have seen gains in efficiency alone!!!”

– VP of Sales, Costco

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