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Welcome to the Acclivus R3 Services Core Online Course!

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This course includes five sessions featuring a scheduled webinar, with supporting materials. Each webinar session will conclude with a quiz that must be completed in order to move on to the next session.

R3 Service Core Follow Through is a personal implementation plan to ensure systematic application of the skills and approaches between webinars. Participants are asked to provide feedback regarding their process of applying the skills on the job.


Upon successful completion of R3 Service Core, a service professional should be able to

  • Begin each customer interaction—whether face-to-face or on the phone—in a way that establishes a positive and productive tone, direction, and focus
  • Guide each service dialogue—even when faced with an irritated customer or emotional situation—in a way that ensures results and strengthens the business relationship
  • Effectively manage customer expectations
  • Keep the customer informed and involved
  • Recommend approaches and solutions that lead to optimal results, strengthen the business relationship, and ensure profitable revenue
  • Effectively address customer misperceptions, uncertainties, and concerns
  • Conclude each customer interaction in a way that ensures that the customer understands what value has been delivered and commits to appropriate future action
  • Take ownership for the customer relationship and the profitability of each service interaction


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