Maximizing the Value of Virtual Meetings – Part 3: Closing the Call to Increase Mindshare and Advance the Sale

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Closing the Call is the part of the interaction where sales and service professionals frequently drop the ball. They often miss the opportunity to reinforce the value that was accomplished during the meeting, and to create an increased sense of partnership moving forward. Closing the call is one of the BEST opportunities to influence the customer’s perception of the VALUE of working a representatives and her or her organization!

Participants will learn a validated four-step process for effectively closing meetings – especially virtual meetings – in a way that positively shapes perceptions of the value while getting everyone on the same page for next steps to advance the decision or sales process.

Performance Objectives:

  • Close each call in a way that maximizes the participants’ perception of the value that was achieved
  • Close each call with a mutual plan for future action

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