Maximizing the Value of Virtual Meetings – Part 2: Guiding the Dialogue to Elevate Relationships

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Consultative selling is the ability to identify true needs in order to present optimal solutions to meet those needs. The engine that drives a consultant’s ability to do that is the sales dialogue.

In Part 2, participants will learn to conduct the dialogue in ways that involve the customer or client, gain valuable insight, and strengthen relationships. Through role play, participants utilize an easy-to-remember acronym to learn critical response skills that promote collaboration, develop rapport, and meet the positional and personal needs of our prospects, customers, and clients.

Performance Objectives:

  • Maintain and focus the sales dialogue
  • Guide the dialogue by effectively probing, listening, and responding to the client ways that increases the level insight that can be developed
  • Develop insight into client goals and problems and then identify relevant and significant client needs
  • Learn how to respond to both customer acceptance and resistance in a way that strengthens the relationship

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