Conducting Effective Virtual Meetings – Part 1: Preparing and Opening the Meeting

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Participants learn to prepare for meetings by researching accounts and setting objectives that are valuablemeasurable, and achievable. They also learn to prepare strategies that enable them to achieve their objectives for the meeting and the opportunity.

Participants learn a validated six-step process for effectively guiding the opening of meetings – especially virtual meetings – in a way that sets a productive tone, direction, and focus while also effectively meeting the personal needs of everyone involved.

Participants learn that when opening a virtual meeting, it is critical to include and involve everyone in the meeting from the start.

Performance Objectives:

  • Prepare for calls by establishing concrete, measurable objectives and strategies
  • Open the call in a way that establishes a positive and productive tone and direction
  • Establish and focus the sales dialogue in a way that attends to the positional and personal needs of the prospect or client
  • Involve participants and begin the foundations for truly working WITH and not FOR the prospect or customer

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