Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Uncertain Times

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In these uncertain times, connecting with prospects, customers, and clients may seem more difficult. That also makes the connections you do make more valuable – for all parties. As people are more tense, unsure, and even fearful, the opportunity to support, advise, and assure is even greater.

In “Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Uncertain Times”, participants learn how to go “beyond the obvious” to engage with prospects, customers, and clients in a way that strengthens all aspects of the relationship. For over 40 years, Acclivus has been on the leading edge of the science of empathy. Leveraging universal truths around the principles of “Cause and Effect”, “Influence”, “Trust”, “Value”, and active, empathic, and strategic listening, we will uncover strategic approaches to building strong, long-lasting relationships based on mutual value. It may seem more difficult to achieve today than it was even 8 months ago; but where there is more difficulty for your prospect, customer, or client, there is more opportunity for you to bring value.

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