Welcome and Connection Details for “Getting the Meeting: Creating Immediate Value and Capturing Mindshare”

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We’re looking forward to our time together with you on January 13 from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Central during the  [ld_notifications field="course" show="title"] webinar. Getting the Meeting provides the principles, skills, and techniques necessary to initiate new sales opportunities. We will be focusing on “Making the Call” in such a way that provides targeted prospects with assurance that a meeting with you will be a relevant and valuable use of their time. We will also practice proven methods for managing resistance and increasing your probability of getting the meeting.

Please join the webinar 10 minutes early to ensure successful connection to with audio or video!

Here is the link to join:

Meeting ID: 845 6029 3625
Passcode: 082933

If you have questions prior to the webinar, contact Marly Lindsey at marly.lindsey@acclivus.com or at 972-628-2517.

Getting the Meeting: Creating Immediate Value and Capturing Mindshare –


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