Everybody is under a lot of pressure and everybody wants to look good

It’s highly unlikely that anyone would disagree with this Acclivus principle. In fact, it is only becoming more and more relevant and true within the pressures of our rapidly changing economic and societal climates. Everyday people are carrying the weight of the need to perform under expectations, to produce results, to accomplish tasks, to pay the bills, and show up for those most important to them.

And the idea that “everyone wants to look good” is as old as humanity itself! The core need to be recognized and appreciated is within every human.

This principle and the strategies to leverage it are interwoven throughout the Acclivus curriculum. If everybody is under a lot of pressure and everybody wants to look good, the extent to which we are able to help relieve pressure and to help our colleague or customer look good will be the extent to which we are perceived as meeting real needs and as bringing a critical solution to the table.

There are attitudes, skills and approaches with which one can operate that leverage this universal truth to the benefit of our colleagues, clients and customers, and to us and our organization. This is mutually beneficial value. This is R3.

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