R3 Strategic Sales Presentations

R3 Strategic Sales Presentations™ provides the skills and techniques necessary to prepare and deliver clear messages to multiple levels within organizations with the impact necessary to inspire customers to take action.

Extensive research reveals that effective sales presentations in today’s business environment have these five factors in common:

  1. They inspire customers to take action. While effective business presentations involve and inform, successful sales presentations also inspire customers to action.
  2. They are strategic. Building on account strategies as they evolve throughout the buying and selling process, effective sales presentations communicate strategic messages.
  3. They take two distinctly different forms. Capabilities presentations are typically used early in the selling process to build credibility and gain the customer’s cooperation in identifying specific needs. Solution presentations are used later to relate specific features and benefits to the customer’s identified goals, problems, and needs.
  4. They are highly targeted. By developing and applying insight through skillful preparation, presentations can be targeted in order to influence perceptions and impact behavior. The preparation process involves preparing the presentation, the presenter, and the participants.

They are delivered skillfully to hit their targets with impact.  Skillful delivery involves maximizing the verbal, vocal, and visual impact of the presentation.

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